Monday, June 30, 2008

The Undefeated Spain!

Euro 2008 now over!! Who was the winner?? As entitled in this post.. SPAIN!! They win 1-0 after Fernando Torres scored their first and only goal at the 33rd minutes at the first half.. The goal happen when the defender of Germany, Philip Lahm failed to block Torres and then the ball goes to the Goalkeeper, Jens Lehmann going out to save but he also failed..

That's the only goal for the Final Euro 2008 last night... Spain shows a very great play as usual however Germany as expected, not a good play.. (haha.. actually I am not interested in Germany since they defeat my favourite team, Portugal... hehe)..

Spain shows a very good play since the Euro 2008 started where they never lost all five games they had.. It is also the end of their waiting to win the European championship for 64 years.. Congratulations to Spain!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi

Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi or in English it means Angels with Broken Wings / Fallen Angels.. This drama is about 4 woman with different story and problems in their life... Starred by 4 different actors, Ueto Aya, Horikita Maki, Yamada Yu and Ueno Juri (hehe.. four hot actress who are very talented!)...

The first story starring by Ueto Aya, played Komine Nanako is about a girl who think money can buy everything. Nanako lives in a very poor family where they had also too much debt to settle. In order to gain money, Nanako sleep with man so that she can becomes a celebrity with a lots of money once a week. Until one day, Nanako mets a girl who make her realize that money is not everything in this world. What more important is to have someone to love and care for you..

Second story starred by Horikita Maki was about a girl named Yuna who afraid to go out or socialize with people. It is because she once accidently stabbed her boyfriend when she found out he sleep with other woman. Because of it, Yuna's boyfriend becomes paralyzed. With her lifestyle, afraid to go out, she loves to do live chat in order to connect her with people. One day, Yuna find Taro in live chat where he seems very uderstanding. Taro was her previous boyfriend where he said that people always have two different faces..

Nao starred by Yamada Yu is a girl who had a dream to becomes an actress. She abandon her family in order to achieve her dream. Nao went to Tokyo, but she always fail in the audition, she even being cheat by a person who said he can promote her to becomes famous actress by paying lots of money. At the end she works as AV artist and also at clubs to pay her life at Tokyo. There Nao met Riko who becomes her lovers. Forgot to mention that her grandfather visit her in order to raise her grandchild spirits. Riku found out Nao was once an AV actress and he becomes angry and abandon her. There her grandfather with his own style helps Nao to gain spirits to restart her life...

This last story starred by Ueno Juri as Shimojou Ryoko had a boyfriend who work as club host. Ryo was abandon by her family when she was still a kid. Ryo is a very good gambler where she had a very good luck where by gambling it support her life! One day, her boyfriend went away and left a boy, Kenta for her. Even she do not like kids, knowing Kenta is also like her Ryo cannot abandon Kenta (she even loves Kenta very much..).. Until one day Kenta and Ryo needs to been separated so that Kenta can attend a better life at orphan house.. That's actually Ryo turning point where she becomes more mature and responsible in her life..

It is a good drama! You can gain much moral values from it for you life.. Hehe.. Next I will watch Tsubasa no Oreta season 2.. Same concept.. Wait for my review...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Portugal lost to German 2-3

At the end, Portugal lost to Germany.. The match last night was not a very good match for Portugal.. It seems that they don't play at their best level.. Many try and attack were not sharp enough to create a gol.. The defend sometimes very sloppy every time Germany attack.. Eventhough Portugal ball possession are more, with eight corner, 22 shots with 6 shots on target, they still cannot win the game.. I don't know why? But that's all about games where there will be a win and a lost..

Germany also played well when they get the first goal at 22 minutes played followed by second goal 6 minutes later.. Then, they just played defensive.. Portugal also got their first goal after hard work at 40 minutes but at second half, because Portugal keeps on attacking, their defend seems a little bit preoccupied that makes Germany score their third goal.. Even though Portugal also score their second goal later but they don't have enough time to catch up..

This is the end for Portugal in EURO 2008... Maybe next 4 years they will try better or maybe next 2 years at World Cup 2010.. Hehe.. -adios-

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Euro 2008 Official Song - Like Superstar

Euro 2008 official song... Like Superstar Trix and Flix featuring Shaggy.. Enjoy..

Download mp3? Click the link below...

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Glory Glory Man United

To all Manchester
United fanz!!

Glory Glory Man United

Glory glory Man united,
Glory glory Man united,
Glory glory Man united,
As the reds go marching up up up!

Just like the busby babes in days gone by,
We’ll keep the red flags flying high,
Your gonna see us all from far and wide,
Your gonna hear the Messes that sing with pride.

United, Man united,
We’re the boys in red and we're on our way to Wembley!

Wembley, Wembley,
We're the famous Man united and we're going to Wembley,
Wembley, Wembley,
We're the famous Man united and we're going to Wembley

In Seventy-Seven it was Docherty
Atkinson will make it Eighty-Three
And everyone will no just who we are,
They'll be singing que sera sera

United, Man united,
We’re the boys in red and we're on our way to Wembley!

Wembley, Wembley,
We're the famous Man united and we're going to Wembley,
Wembley, Wembley,
We're the famous Man united and we're going to Wembley

Glory glory Man united,
Glory glory Man united,
Glory glory Man united,
As the reds go marching up up up!

Glory glory Man united,
Glory glory Man united,
Glory glory Man united,
As the reds go marching up up up!

Glory glory Man united,
Glory glory Man united,
Glory glory Man united,
As the reds go marching up up up!

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ulu Cepor, Perak

Yesterday, me and two of my friends went to Ulu Cepor.. What was this place? Actually it was a river recreation place where you can relax with your family of friends while enjoying the very nice river view (the water is still clear where you can see the bottom..) with a beautiful forest at the surrounding... It was a very nice place to relax after busy with your work...

We arrived there at around 11.30 am.. Then we find a hut for us to stay (of course we choose the free one.. there are also a hut where you need to rent it..)

Actually we went here since we want to find an alternative place to chat because before this we always go to the shopping complex.. So this was a very good idea.. After we had our lunch (thanks to my friend Ashraf for the foods..) we then go to have our bath at the river here.. The water was very cold and clear.. It was not very deep, so for family with a small children, this was a good place...

While at the river, we still continue our chatting.. At around 3.30 pm we pack our things and we stop at the nearest mosque for pray.. Actually there are also a surau at Ulu Cepor, food stalls, toilets, chalets, huts for rent, and many more.. Next week we planned to go to Cameroon Highlands.. It still a plan but I hope it will be a reality..

Friday, June 13, 2008

Euro 2008

It been almost 2 weeks since Euro 2008 started.. So, for those who loves football very much, this Euro 2008 is the must watch event... I've just post this to announce my favourite team - PORTUGAL!! Haha.. Since last world cup I've been supporting Portugal.. For the record in Euro 2008, Portugal never lost!! Hehe... 2-0 with Turkey and the latest 3-1 with Czech Republic.. As the first team going to the quarter final, I really hope Portugal will going through up to the final and win this Euro 2008..

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sexy Voice and Robo

Now back to our business! I've just finished watching this drama entitled Sexy Voice and Robo.. Actually, since I'm at home, the quantity of drama I've been watched becomes lesser and lesser.. Why huh?? I don't know, but in University everytime there had a free time, I will watch drama but at home where always free, I'm not watching it..

Okeh, the drama is about two spy named Hayashi Niko and Sudo Ichiro.. They met at the phone-club where Niko called Sudo for the first time to ask for help.. She actually disguise her voice as Kazumi who was her sister and Sudo is interested in her.. In this drama they had their codename, Niko as Sexy Voice where she able to manipulate her voice or mimic while Sudo as Robo since he is number 1 die hard fan of robot anime... He had lots of robot collection in his apartment..

Their first work was to find an assasin who only had memories for three days.. Ops! Their boss name was Makyona Maki who was an owner of antique shop with her asistant Nanashi Hideyoshi who also a spy.. Niko also had an ability to heard a voice from a very far distance.. Her ability make the boss recognise her as a good spy.. They had encountered many problems with a different person..

All the experience Robo and Niko gained make them more mature to face this difficult world today.. At last they choose their separate ways of living with all the memories they had gained before.. Actually the drama is just simple and you will find it interesting to watch it with your family...

Goodbye Melaka!!

This will be my last review in Malacca after 2 days here.. It was around 2.30 pm when we were out of Zoo Melaka.. It was not a very hot day, only cloudy and not also raining.. People said NICE WEATHER!! As I said before, at the front of the Zoo Melaka was Crocodile Farm.. However, we were not entering here because the show was already over, so maybe next time.. Of course we already found crocodile when we were at the Zoo...

Just looked from the front view of Crocodile Farm.. Hehe.. Next to the Crocodile Farm was the traditional transport in Malaysia - Cow's Car.. Before, cows were very important to us not only to support foods and milk but also as a transport, the skin can be used to make drum, as a plow for paddy farmers and many more.. But nowadays, most were replaced by machine and other generic skins... So that's why cows now are fatter than before.. HAHA..

Along the road from the Crocodile Farm and the Cow's Car, there were stalls that sold sourveniors, foods such as Belacan and Cincaluk which was Melaka famous foods, t-shirts and many more.. Although it was short, but lots of new information and experience we gained here.. Truly the motto VISIT MALACCA MEANS VISIT MALAYSIA was right!! Actually our journey still not covered the whole Melaka, I think maybe just quarter of it since there were many more places in Melaka for us to visit.. -adios-

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Melaka - Malacca Zoo

Last stop at Malacca was The Malacca's Zoo.. Why zoo?? Because both of my sisters said they want to meet their friends there... (escpecially monkeys.. haha)... Actually it was because the Zoo was via our way back to Ipoh (actually Ipoh nothing compared to Malacca.. huhu.. maybe that's why Malacca motto state that visit Malacca means visit Malaysia..)...

Located at the front of Taman Buaya (Crocodile's Park), Zoo Malacca was one way to enjoy if you had bored with your life in town.. Looking and feeling the Flora and Fauna at the Zoo will make you feel comfortable and released!! That's what people always think and do since the life in town was full of stress, busy, with the polluted air while this Flora and Fauna world was trully different!! Trust me!!

The fees to enter here was Rm5 for adult and RM2 for children below 12 years old.. It was a very big Zoo with 54 acres land.. We entered here from the front then we walked slowly to see a wild animals here such as monkeys, birds, tapirs, elephants, tigers, chimpanzees and many more..

More pictures of animals...

And another animals pictures.. What can I say, since it was Zoo, everything was about animals and trees!!

Actually we only walked quarter of the Zoo when my Mom said that she was tired.. So we decided to take a train (did I mention before?? Oh, sorry I forgot).. The prize only Rm2 for adult and RM1 for children.. Haha.. It was good but the route taken by the train only covered almost everything of the Zoo.. See!! What animal do you think we missed?? Of course the famous reptiles - SNAKES!! But it was ok la.. Maybe next time if we have more time.. Hehe.. Watch my video from the train below...

Friday, June 06, 2008

Melaka - Maritime Museum

After we went to the Taming Sari Tower we went back to our "temporary house" at Bukit Cina.. It was around 11pm.. After taking bath, I just went to sleep z.z.z.zz.z.z....

Wake up early in the morning, around 6 am... After pray and take a bath, I just looked around Bukit Cina from my house balcony.. What did I see?? Since it was called Bukit Cina, so the only things that exist was a hill full of Chinese graveyard... hehe.. For Chinese, if they placed their grave at the top of hill, they will gain a great "after life"... Believe it or not??

After having fried rice( I bought it at the stall behind... only rm2 plus one fried egg.. the prize is ok right??) , we then when back to Bandar Hilir just to look around Malacca from the car view.. Suprisingly, It was not jam!! Why?? Maybe because everybody busy at work since it was Monday morning plus mybe most of tourist had gone home.. Haha.. Actually, this morning we planned to go to the Maritime Museum which was next to the Taming Sari Tower..

We parked at the front of the tower, of course need to pay for 60cent per hour... Cheap right?.. Then we walked to the museum.. What interesting about the museum was the shape of the museum which take from a ship.. A very large ship!!

The ticket for entry was RM3 for adult and RM1 if you are still students... Opss! You need to take out you shoes when you enter inside the ship.. Hehe.. What was inside here? Of course since the name was Maritime Museum, so everthing was about maritime.. When you entered, there were a video presentation about the history of Malacca maritime, but I am not really interested because everything you have learned when we were taking History subject at the secondary school..

After following the stair to the below, you will see many replica of ships from the history and from many country such as China (they called it Jong), India, Portugese, Dutch, British, Malacca of sourse and many more.. They were also illustrated pictures here, some old money, everything was about maritime!! Just looked at the picture below...

another pictures...

and the pictures from the top of the Museum...

By entering this Museum, it makes me remember of Pirates of The Carribean movie... Haha.. And also one of my favourite anime - One Piece.. Gomu gomu no!!! There are 2nd Maritime Museum next to this ship museum where here also lots of history about maritime in Malacca or Tanah Melayu (Malay Land)... At the front of the museum you can saw a Craft Center where here they sold many sourvenior for you to take home.. Next to it was a Navy Museum ) Muzium Tentera Laut).. But, we did not enter here... Maybe next time if there are time.. Hehe...

Next stop which our last stop was Malacca Zoo... I will continue later...

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Melaka - Menara Taming Sari ( Taming Sari Tower)

Next stop was Taming Sari Tower.. According to people around here the tower had just being launch for a month and I checked through the internet, it is true! For more information visit... It is situated at Bandar Hilir besides the Dataran Pahlawan Megamall and near to the Traditional Foods Center and Mahkota Parade... Of course it is near to the A Famosa, Stadthuys buildings, Melaka river and also Maritim Museum.. On the other hand you can said it was at the center or Malacca..

What interesting about this tower is, we can see the whole Malacca here... Me and my family went at night so we can see the view from the top af Malacca at night.. You can view my video below, but the quality is a little bit low since I convert from avi format to 3gp.. Easy for me to upload it...

What about the fare? It is not very expensive, only rm10 per person for adult and rm 5 for children below 12 years old... As long as you show your mycard (means here the price valid for Malaysian only... for tourist it is rm20 per person)... The travel at this tower takes around 7 minutes where it takes 1 minutes to go up and down and it will stop at the top for 5 minutes.. It is a very amazing view from the top of Malacca.. Watch my video.. hehe.. I will update later...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Melaka - A' Famosa

Continued from Tiara Beach Resort after checkout at 12 pm, we planned to go to the Port Dickson beach but, the road was jam with too many cars everywhere and also no parking at all(maybe because all the resorts and hotels here checkout almost at the same time).. So we decided to continued our journey to Malacca..

After checked in at Telekom's training college hostel and have a break, we went for a rode at Malacca.. Actually we've never been there, so we just followed the signboard to any places that we might think interesting (it is very difficult since the signboard only show the name of the road.. hahaha).. Then, I suddenly saw a signboard shows Kota A Famosa.. Nice.. So we follow the road until we met a heavy traffic jam (since it is Sunday), and then found parking, so we pay just for RM4 for the parking until night..(cheap right? better than in JB.. huhu)

Here the journey continued....

The first place we met after our walk was the Stadthuys building.. The building was red in colour with a unique style.. It is actually a Dutch,s administrative buildings during 1650.. A Historic and Ethnography Museum with displays of traditional bridal costumes and other relics is located inside and we need to pay for rm2 per ticket (actually it is displayed rm4, but maybe there are discounts on that day..).. If you like history, so Malacca is the best place for you to go.. For me, it just looks likes a windows shopping.. Looked around and then gooo.. HAHA.. Here some pictures inside the Stadthuys buildings...

Then, from the Stadthuys building, we walked to the A Famosa.. Actually the are a beca(trishaw) station here, so if you want to try you can ride on it.. The prize I'm not sure since I don't asked them.. It was really high to get to the top af A Famosa.. It was a good excercise.. HAHA.. Nothing here, just an old almost broken building.. From to top of it you got the best view of Malacca.. What actually A Famosa? It is is a fortress gate builed by the Portuguese (A Famosa means The Famous in Portuguese) and it was among the oldest surviving european architectural remains in Asia..

It was tiring.. If you plan to walk around Malacca, I would suggest you yo wear sports outfit (haha.. sound funny but you will find it worth!).. Next to the A Famosa was the Dataran Pahlawan.. I do not know what are the story behind it.. But it is beautiful and somehow I remember football field ( EURO 2008 just around the corner.. haha).. There are Light and Sound persembahan (performance? dedication? tribute? oh no I forgot??) here before, but it was not when I arrived.. It was actually performed at night where it used laser light with a very good sound following the story.. The story of course about Malacca history.. (next time I will make sure I can watch this performance)..

Next to Dataran Pahlawan was the Dataran Pahlawan Megamall, a shopping complex where you also can find sourvenior here.. If you walked along you will find Mahkota Parade (also another shopping complex, I bought some foods and groceries here..) after crossing the road.. Beside Mahkota Parade you can find the Traditional foods center where here the served Malaysian foods from Perlis to Sabah.. (dari Perlis sampailah ke Sabah.. macam lagu patriotik tu..haha).. And what the most interesting part was the one in fromt of this traditional foods center.. Menara Taming Sari.. I will tell you later.. Wait...

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tiara Beach Resort

Last weekend, me and my family went for the Telekom Malaysia family day for the Procurement department at Tiara Beach Resort,Port Dickson Negeri Sembilan.. From Ipoh it takes around 3 hours and a half minutes to reach there (if you follow the speed limits like me.. hehe).. The resort is located at the 13th mile, Jalan Pantai, Port Dickson. And it is a little bit far away from the nearest beach..

But it is not a problem since in the resort, it had its own beach but the water is not salty la.. It is beautiful.. It looks like a theme park.. hehe..

What about the rooms? There are many types of it and my family get the family suits with two rooms one master bed and two small beds (katil bujang).. There are also two toilets and you also get one refrigerator, television plus one water heater.. Actually there are many more but it is according to your budget la.. haha.. for my family, since it is under Telekom Malaysia, we just accept it since it is free!! (everybody like free, right?).. For more informations, visit

There are also lots of facilities here such as Games Room where you can play video games and also karaoke here (need to buy token first, 50 cents per token), spa, gymnasium, ping pong tables, basketball courts, conference rooms, cafeterias and many more.. There are also bicycles for you to rent in case you don't want to walk around this resort.. But, it will be fun if you ride it with your friend or family (the bicycle with two pedal).. It is almost complete and you can just stay here without going out anymore.. haha.. There also a small concerts at night and a movie shows the center of this resort.. In the evening there are shows by a clown such as magic show and games for their customers and in the morning also the had an aerobic excercise... It is very happening here if you can take part to all of their activities..

A very big thanks for Telekom Malaysia (TM) for organizing this family day at Tiara Beach Resort.. It is a very big success where almost 700 participants here from the TM family.. Tm also sponsor all of our foods during our stay here.. At night there are dinner with also some speech by TM VIP and also some dedication from the TM members.. It is very good to be here and I hope TM will organize more events like this.. HAHA.. For those who are interested in staying at Tiara Beach Resort, you can go can click here..

Malay Mp3

I'm going to update my blog in a few days.. Wait n see.. Actually me and my family just back from Malacca last night.. So I'm going to upload the places that I've been visited there.. It's very tiring to walk around Malacca for one day.. huhu.. For now, just enjoy this song..

Mila - Aku Lebih Tahu

Amy Search ft Rabbani - Mentari di Ufuk Timur

Elyana - Bukannya Satelit

Thanks to aimini..