Saturday, October 10, 2009

Interview experience

Yeah! 3rd interview already.. Begin from Uitm Shah Alam (This one I already failed! huhu...), followed by Uitm Kedah and Uitm Perak... I wonder why only Uitm called for interview?? I do not know the answer too... Huhu..

First interview at Uitm Shah Alam was like a crap! But since it was my first time interview, I forgive myself (hahaha.. is there any kind of this thing???)... Before I move on, let me explain a little bit about the interview procedure in Uitm (DM45, pensyarah MARA), there are two stages... First stage was about mock teaching where we need to pick a topic and give a lecture for about 10-15 minutes.. There are also some Q&A session after it but mostly it is all about the lecture you give and a little about yourself..

Then if you succeed the first stage interview, you will go to second stage interview where the real interview begin here! Most of the questions are about issues all over the world, issues in Malaysia such as in education field.. I've attend 3 first stage and only one second stage interview at Uitm.. What can I say here is the first stage was easy compare to the second stage... Huhu... Here I give some sample of questions....

1. How do you apply Mathematic in industry, give one example?
2. Why do you choose Uitm instead of Utm (my university) ?
3. How do you proof that you can be a good lecturer?
4. How to apply 1Malaysia concept in Uitm?
5. If there is blackout, how mathematic will help to solve the problem?

The last question was weird one.. I'm not really sure how to answer it.. Huhu.. There are one more interview next 19th October I have to attend.. Wish me luck! Huhu