Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dedicated to my friend...

Salam... This time I want to write in Malay... Dedicated to my friend yg baru sahaja kematian bapanya..

Drpd Abu Hurairah r.a, Nabi saw bersabda: "apabila seseorang mati terputuslah daripadanya amalannya melainkan 3 ; sedekah jariah, ilmu yang bermanfaat dan anak soleh yg berdoa kepadanya" -HR al-tirmizi

Tidak ada sesuatu kesusahan (atau bala bencana) yang ditimpakan di bumi, dan tidak juga yang menimpa diri kamu, melainkan telah sedia ada di dalam Kitab (pengetahuan Kami) sebelum Kami menjadikannya; sesungguhnya mengadakan yang demikian itu adalah mudah bagi Allah. (Kamu diberitahu tentang itu) supaya kamu tidak bersedih hati akan apa yang telah luput daripada kamu, dan tidak pula bergembira (secara sombong dan bangga) dengan apa yang diberikan kepada kamu. Dan (ingatlah), Allah tidak suka kepada tiap-tiap orang yang sombong takbur, lagi membanggakan diri.- surah al-hadid ayat 22-23

Drpd Abu Hurairah Nabi saw bersabda: " Siapa yang Allah kehendaki kepadanya kebaikan nesacaya Allah mengujinya"- HR al-Bukhari

Katakanlah: "Tidak sekali-kali akan menimpa kami sesuatu pun melainkan apa yang telah ditetapkan Allah bagi kami. Dia lah Pelindung yang menyelamatkan kami, dan (dengan kepercayaan itu) maka kepada Allah jualah hendaknya orang-orang yang beriman bertawakal
- Surah at-taubah ayat 51

I know it is hard for you and you might think I do not understand.. But trust me bro, life must go on.. You must move on! As a man we need to be strong... Doa seorang anak tu akan selalu sampai pada bapanya... Banyakkan berdoa dan sedekahkan Al-Fatihah dan Yassin pada arwah.. Insyaallah... I know you can do it man!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A very boring Sunday...

Less than half an hour left before it is Monday.. Next week! Yeehaww!! (copy from farmville fb.. haha).. Wake up early in the morning.. Doing laundry, clean my house and my car... Then just straight to Tesco to buy some "things".. Hehe... Actually it is because I feel bored to stay at home la... Huhu.. Here are pictures of my activities today...


Buying this small spoiler for my BLM.. This is the one look-a-like the spoiler for BMW cars... Haha... Copy and paste it to my car... Somehow look beautiful for me! Hehe.. Feel so satisfied with it!

Another things that I bought from Tesco is this wardrobe.. Because my previous one looks broken and my shirt always fall.. Maybe the hang pole already broken.. So I decide to replace it and now I already had three wardrobe..

Then, after that I arrive at home, cook for my lunch and then at night plan to go out again la.. And this cute cat appear.. I know it belongs to my neighbor but it come to me begging for food maybe... Really love cat but if I buy one, I might cannot give it my full commitment la.. So just play with my neighbor cat only la.. Huhu...

So the plan at night just walk alone at the Dataran Pahlawan and Mahkota Parade searching for any souvenir for this Worldcup 2010.. Poorly, nothing can make me feel interested to buy it... So I decide to go to Baskin n Robbins try their ice-cream... This was my first time.. Huhu.. So delicious ma! That's why it is so expensive...

Then, stop to fill up my car tank and then go home... Now do not know what to do.. Maybe after ironing my clothes just go to sleep... Hehe... Tomorrow again.. kerja,, kerja.. kerja... -adios-

First Semester of Lecturing... DONE!!

Salam to all... It's been a while since I'm updating my blog... Somehow it kind a bit lazy for me to write something... Huhu... Plus the world cup 2010 mode somehow make me always sleepy.. My favorite team - Portugal! Last game with Ivory Coast was a little bit of disappointing but somehow there are still HOPE!

Enough with football... Pejam celik pejam celik... Now I'm already finish my first semester as a Math Lecturer! Wow! Somehow I manage to do it! Yeah! It's been a quiet tough semester for me.. Controlling a very hyper-active students(Not all..), marking assignments and quizzes, lecturing and also sometimes interfering with their problems either personal or not...

What can I see after one semester of teaching that bumiputera students should be more independent during their study not just leaning everything to their lecturer... Once I told my student to read on their own and the topic is out for the test... And of course it is there but they do not know how to do it because I'm not teaching them...Adoi! I've already told you to study sendiri la.. Haha.. So next sem... New lecturing style since I'm already attending the Kursus Asas Pengajaran... Maybe la kot... Hahaha

What about their result for final exam? Huhu.. There are few students who are fail... I've already try everything to help them but they did not perform very well during their final exam... My principle was easy.. If they can do well in their final.. I will help them even tough if their carry marks was very very bad... So apa boleh buat... Next sem make sure you learn from your mistakes!

Plus also since I'm teaching math kot... Who likes math? Even I as the lecturer sometimes really hate Math especially the pure math... hahaha.. no offense.. I only like applied math je... hehehe... Students tend to dislike a subject if they did not score... but if they score they will love it... So as a Math lecturer what can I do.. Terima je la seadanya.. Hahaha... I try to give them a happy go lucky teaching style so that students will not afraid of me during class...

It's true la! During my study, I've once afraid of my lecturer because he/she was too serious during his lecture.. All he do was talk and talk and talk... If someone ask he will somehow become angry (bukan marah gile la... mcm nak marah...) so.. cannot ask la.. just hearing.. huhu.. Based on this la I plan to be more friendly to my students.. Yes! It works.. Many students come to me after class asking for help.. So as the generation-X lecturer (hahahaha) I'm going to continue my teaching style.. friendly and cool! hahaha poyo gile ah!

Enough with that.. Here are a snap my students take during my lecturing.. Hahaha.. Bile mase korg tgkap gmbr ni... Btw thanks la.. I always want to see me during lecturing..
-adios- GO PORTUGAL!!