Thursday, May 15, 2008

Colbie Caillat

One of my favourite singer.. To download her song just click below..

Colbie Caillat - Bubbly

Colbie Caillat - Realize

Special thanks to aimini.. Lots of high quality song you can find here and the best is everything is direct download up to 100kbs.. You can upload also..

Gal Circle

Hi! It's been a while since I update my drama review.. It's kind of busy and I am at home now, so I am not really feeling to watch drama at home.. But since I got 2 months of holiday, it should be better to watch more drama so I will not get bored.. Hehe.. I would like to tell you about this drama Gal Circle... The drama is about a cowboy name Shinnosuke who live with a red indian man, Geronimo(weird right.. haha)...

He comes to Japan in order to find Imoko who help Geronimo to survive when his daughter almost died.. So he ask Shinnosuke to find her in order to thank her.. As he arrive at Japan, he make a camp(like the red indian camp) at the field (he even set a trap..haha) where there he find his first friend, a newbie policeman name Ichinose Makoto..

In his searching process, he met a group of para-para dancers that called themselves as Angel Heart.. They are actually a gorls who had problem at home, at school where they join this group in order to release stress or actually they try to run from their problems.. Even Shinnosuke try to find Imoko within this group, he always ended helping Angel Heart with their problems with his own way..

His life as a Red Indian make him appreciating every foods he has (actually all religion teach us this..right??) where he always become mad if he saw any person who throw away foods, or disrespect of what they got.. This drama is full of beauty such as Toda Erika, Aragaki Yui, Suzuki Emi, Yaguchi Mari and many more.. hehe

If you read from dramawiki, you will find this drama genre as comedy.. What can I say, it is comedy, but actually it is more on human drama where it is about a teenager who lost their way.. Then comes a cowboy, who try to change them with his own way, and at the end the girls started to realize it and the started to find the reason of living.. He even help the people at the town with their problems.. I would recommend you to watch this drama because it is best!! (haha.. just a simple reason)..

Monday, May 12, 2008

Man U is the Champion!!

After a winning 2-0 againts Wigan Athletic, Manchester United win the Premier League title after their closed enemy, Chelsea just draw againts Bolton, 1-1.. First goal is by Christiano Ronaldo from the penalty at the 31st minutes while the second goal by Ryan Giggs at the 80th..

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Shimokita Sundays!

This drama is about a new unversity student, Satonaka Yuika, who watched a theater by a theater group that call themselves Shimokita Sundays.. Altough there are only a few watcher and most of them didn't find the story good, Yuika can still understand and appreciate their acting very much..

Then, after the theater end, all the watcher are back, she the only one left since she cry because of the ending of the story.. That is their first meet where she make a decision to join this theater group.. Her first appearence as an actor is not very good since she make too much mistakes, however all the watcher look it as a comedy.. There she change the story which should be a sad story to a comedy story...

Then, Shimokita Sundays writer, Akutagawa started to realize her talents and try to absorb her into theater world.. Miracally, she becomes the group main attention and they started to improve all their acting every day.. Their target is to perform in Honda theater where it is the best theater in Shimokita... There are many moral value you can take from this story, but since I got the one with a bad subtitle (the translation sometimes quiet funny) , it make the story not very attractive.. But, I like Ueto Aya as the heroin very much... Maybe you can find other source with better subtitle and you will find the stiry is intersting!!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

End of Final Exam!!

Hi!! I've just finish last last paper a few hours ago.. Hoho.. What a relieve!! Freedom!!! For this paper I stay up last night until the morning(mean I never sleep since yesterday).. Haha.. My brain feel a little bit high plus dizzy.. Anyway, after this maybe just stay with friends, going to finish my last day at UTM till next week... Still not plan what to do.. Mybe playing badminton, ping pong.. Watched movies and drama.. They even plan to go to Gunung Pulai tomorrow.. However I still got one last class to attend.. Maybe i will try to make them change it to Monday.. Haha.. Anyway for those who had finish their final exam, ape lagi enjoy katak la.. haha.. for those who still not finish.. focus.. don't look back in anger!! Wakaka..