Monday, November 24, 2008

CHUCK Season 1 n Season 2

Hi all! This time I would like to write about an English series I would recommend you to watch.. Entitled CHUCK.. It is about a man named Chuck Bartowski who is just an ordinary guy work at the Buy More shop with his best friends Morgan Grimes... Until one day, he got an email from his old friend who studied at the same college as him (until Chuck was kicked out..why? haha.. I'm not going to tell)..

His old friend, named Bryce Larkin sent him an email that contains secret of the government where if you see it, you will becomes one of the asset of the country called the intersect! What is actually the intersect? They are like computers where when they see something, it will flash back their memory and gives all the information about it.. Interesting right? And in this case, Chuck was the only person in the world who happen to be the intersect..

So in order to protect Chuck, they send two agent from CIA and NSA named Sarah Walker and John Casey.. Actually Bryce also was once a CIA agent.. Sarah on the other hand is one kind of hottie who was a partner of Bryce Larkin, and now with Chuck there are some kind of relationship growing slowly here.. Haha.. Trust me, this series was all about fun and laugh!

Chuck lives with his sister Ellie, who only know him as a normal guy who worked at Buy More shop and also Sarah lover.. It seem complicated here but the plot grows at every episode make you feel like want more.. It is a new series so I think not everybody like it, even prison break take time to built its own fan.. But trust me, this is one series you must not miss!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Zettai Kareshi

Actually I've watched this series before but I forgot to post it here.. The title was Zettai Kareshi or in english "absolute boyfriend".. About a girl who dream to have her dream boyfriend.. She tried since she was in highschool but most of it she just being cheated by the man.. Until she works as haken (temporary worker) at a company that sell sweets and cakes, she also just failured!

One day a scientist from Heaven, happen to create a lover robot, so in order to test the robot, he needs a test subject where here he found the girl.. By the way the girl name is Nao... He gives Nao a simple question about her dream ideal boyfriend and the day later he sent her the robot.. Shocked from it, plus she need to kiss the robot first in order to switch it on.. She tought it was not real but of course the robot was there for her..

The true name of the robot "Zero One".. Nao first try to avoid 01 because she tought why in the hell she should fall in love with the robot.. Huhu.. But the kindness 01 showed to her at last make her cannot avoid the love.. Many incidents happen to Nao but of course 01 always there for her.. She later named 01 as "Tenjo Night"..

Night always needs repair and sometimes he did not satisfy to Nao because of something but since that what he was programmed to, he tried.. Event the company also sent the new robot with more advanced techology to fight the love of Nao, but in the end only Night was in Nao heart.. Haha.. I've started some romantic word here..

At the end, Night had exceeds the programmed and it look like he had a feeling and more likely becomes a man.. Forget to tell, at Nao company, she works with a chief director, who is young but a little bit wild.. He and Nao works together to win the competition they entered together about creating sweets "Patti shyer is it correctly spell?" They works on the carrot Nao father's grow.. Here the loves grow among bot of them..

Night realized it and at the end, Night was choosen instead of the chief.. But in the end, the reason why Night becomes more like a man was the chip damaged.. He realize it and also the scientist but they cannot do anything since Night treasured the memory of him with Nao.. At the end of his day, he gives Nao to the chief and pray Nao for a happy life and pursuit her dream... -adios-