Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Local's Fruits Season!

Yeah! As stated on the title of this post.. It is the local's fruits season in Malaysia right now.. Starting from the king of fruit in Malaysia, DURIAN until now continued by RAMBUTAN, MANGGIS (Mangosteen) , CEMPEDAK (Jackfruit) the latest fruits now which are LANGSAT and DUKONG.. Next is DUKU..

Let me introduced some of this local fruits planted by my Pak Teh (Uncle) in Kulim, Kedah.. Firstlt of course, the king of Malaysian fruits, DURIAN... Below is the this Durian's tree (sorry for the low quality of pictures, since I'm just using my handphone...) My uncle actually have 4 trees if I'm not mistaken with one already death after the fruits grow...

Here are the pictures of Durian.. Look nice but sometime people does not like it smell.. Even my mother car still has this fruits smell after almost two weeks... Huhu.. But the taste is superb! Sweet, plus a little bit of bitter.. But becareful of its sharp thorn (duri.. betul ke dlm english thorn???) and also if you eat too much your body will feel hot.. And for those who had a high blood pressure and diabetes, please do not eat durian too much.. Huhu..

Now is the queen of local's malaysian fruits which are MANGOSTEEN or MANGGIS is Malay.. It has a black fruits colour on the outside butthe inside is actually white and juicy.. The taste a little bit sweet and sour.. Some people said that in order to prevent our boy to feel hot after eating durian, we need to eat mangosteen.. Aha.. That what King and Queen is all about! Care for each other.. Hehe... The picture below is the tree...

Next is Rambutan.. This fruits has a fur on its body.. The colour of this fruits is either yellow or red.. Both has an almost same taste.. Sweet and juicy...

There are actually Duku, Langsat and Jackfruit here.. But I forget to take a picture of them.. Thanks for Pak Teh family for the lovely orchids!

Friday, July 10, 2009

New Laptop - Acer Aspire 4535-741G25Mn

Aha.. New laptop! Not mine, my sister! She just bought it last tuesday, present from my parents since she got a new offer to continue study as a teacher (Institut Perguruan Pulau Pinang).. It is a very nice offer since she get allowance every month around 450 at first and 750 at last... Nice one right!

Plus she already confirm a job, no need to go for interview, posting resumes... Huhu.. Back to bussiness! This new laptop Acer Aspire 4535 is almost like mine Acer Aspire 4530 only it has a widescren 16:9.. Quiet good especially for movie lovers! For gamerz, I think they need a better gc since it is really wide screen, so the resolution is really high which wll make the laptop works harder to deliver a good game.. Hehe.. Anyway it is really nice!

And here are the specification :

Processor : AMD Turion X2 RM-74 (2.2Ghz 1MB Cache)

Chipset : AMD M780G

Memory : 3GB (After upgrade, actually just 1GB)

Video : Ati Radeon HD 3200 256Mb (Shared)

HDD : 250GB

OS : Windows Vista Home Premium

Other : Webcam, bluetooth, card reader, Wifi

Price : RM2062 (After add 2GB ram and extend the waranty for 3 years.. Actual price only RM1799)