Friday, September 26, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya! Happy Aidilfitri!

To all muslim.. Selamat Hari Raya/ Happy Eid Aidilfitri! May you all get blessing and happy this Aidilfitri...

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gokusen 2

This time I would write my review about Gokusen 2.. It is actually continuing from Gokusen 1 after her true identity being discovered by the whole Japan.. What identity? Gokusen in Japan actually means what? Haha.. I don not know! About a high school teacher (Kou Kou Kyoshi) who happen to be a Yakuza next 4th Oedo generation boss, Yamaguchi Kumiko.. Starrred by Nakama Yukie again (hehe.. she is funny right!)...

In this Gokusen 2, she also being a class teacher for the worst class in the school.. Again like in Gokusen 1, she likes to interfere her students life... But not for bad, since she fixed it and make them a better person.. Forgot to mention in that school there are also her previous School Vice Principle, Sawatari Sensei starred by Namase Katsuhisa (same as Gokusen 1) who happen to be the same at the new school.. It makes the story funnier! Haha.. Both of them are funny!

Also the same strategy, Yankumi(actually she prefer her student to call her this.. because she said it is kawai.. haha) will tackle the main or the captain of the class first.. There she help him and then she will go through the whole class.. I don't think she is more to an academic type sensei because most of 3D members are no interested.. Haha.. Poor her.. But she is more to a sensei who teach about how important life is and how to survive it..

Her character as a very helpful teacher and trust her students very much make most of the 3D members like her very much.. All I can say that she always on her students side because in her view, high school student are just a child who like to works depend on their heart..(plus she is Yakuza member, so everything just like a child fight to her.. haha).. That's why if there involve violent, there are no problem at all since she is so strong!

Also, she only being transferred to teach 3D class for only 3 months where she need to make sure there aren't any complication that make them cannot graduate within that period.. Even tough there are lots of problem and most of 3D members sometimes almost being force to quit school, Yankumi still help them and they survive.. All her hard works are paid when all of 3D students manage to graduate and the also success in their live.. Yankumi again back to his life as Oojou waited for any school that may be hiring her again...

I've surf the internet and I'm quiet shocked because Gokusen 3 already aired in Japan.. Huhu.. Need to start find a link to download or maybe again need to use torrent... I do not know what it Gokusen 3 is all about but from what I read Yankumi still the Great Teacher Yankumi.. Like GTO but GTY.. Haha.. -adios-

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Prison Break The Series Continues...

If you are searching for link to download prison break series, you might hit a wrong blog since here I only give my review about some tv series that I had been watched.. This time I would like to say something about the famous English series which is Prison Break.. Now the series had already continue to season 4..

If you had miss two last episode you might get confuse since all season are linked to each other..
Micheal Scoffield and his team as usual fight for their rights from the very bad company that dominate the whole country, that called "The Company"...

Season 1 is about saving his brother Linchon Burrow from the prison where he made a very
good and almost perfect plan to escape.. At last, of course the made it even tough there are many problems... While season 2 is all about their live after their prison break.. Here it becomes more complicated since it involve a very intelligent FBI agent, Alex Mahone who can predict almost every Scoffield plan...

The team separated with their own ways, where some got killed while some survive.. But in the end they are all being caught at Panama's prison.. Here, season 3 started with the team back in prison.. But prison in Panama is worst since there are no specific system.. It makes Scoffield who are structure engineer find it hard to plan their escape.. At Panama, Mahone who first try to catch Scoffield and his team now becomes their teammate.. Why? Haha.. I won't tell.. But just a hint, it is because of his love to his family..

Of course their plan at last succeed but only some of them get out first while the other fail to do so, here T-Bag grudge to Scoffield becomes higher.. He once lose his hand because of Scoffield and now he also being left inside Panama's prison.. Scoffield did not like him because he thinks that the release of T-Bag who is a murderer will be a big sin of him if he escape...

And now it continue to Season 4... Their escape succeed! At last the left behind team also get escape because of riot that happen in Panama.. Haha.. Now, everybody out! Here the remains teams gathered who are Scoffield,Linchon,Mahone,Sarah Trancedi,Sucre and Bellick.. How do they gathered? Actually a special agent Don Self asked them a help to find "The Company" since he know they are also on the same track... Agent Self is the one who gathered them in order to
find the information about "Scylla" which likes database of The Company that contains every information needed... T-Bag on the other hand with new identity as a successful bussinessman..

At first they thought there are only one Scylla, but they are wrong! There are six of them and they need all of them in order to read through it.. Haha.. Now the series continue with the Scylla hunting! In season 4 there are now only 5 episode and only 2 Scylla being discovered.. It is a very good series actually since it is more about the intelligent of planner centered by Micheal Scoffield! Do you want to download? I think you need first to but premium account from rapidshare and then browse to get the link.. It is updated every week.. So enjoy!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Team Medical Dragon 2

Continuing from Team Medical Dragon 1, Team Medical Dragon 2 is also about a medical team who are expertise especially in heart surgery.. Centered by Asada Ryutaro starred by Sakaguchi Kenji who are a very talented cardiologist.. Season 2 comes with a new teams member with only three old members remains the same which are Ijuyin Noboru played by Koike Teppei and Fujiyoshi Keisuke starred by Sasaki Kuranosuke..

The latest new members are Kodaka Nanami as the anesthesiologist played by Otsuka Nene, a very talented doctor Toyama Seiji starred by Takahashi Issei, a very talented medical engineer Nomura Hirohito starred by Nakamura Nasuhi and the digestive surgeon Matsudaira Kotaru starred by Sato Jiro.. Others are the same members but they stayed in their old hospital, the nurse Satohara Miki starred by Mizukawa Asami and the anesthesiologist, Arase Monji starred Abe Sadao...

In this season, the team are fighting for a medical care system where money is the first priority.. Even Asada Ryutaro been tranferred to another hospital. Hakuyou Hospital which seems almost bankrupt.. That's because his old Dean, Nogouchi hate him because he alway
offense him.. Nogouchi has a plan with the owner Hakuyou Hospital, Kataoka Kazumi starred by Uchida Yuki to built a new world known transplant hospital.. That's when Asada Ryutarou meets the new corrupted team members..

All his new members are expertise but somehow they undergo some problem make their moral and spirit down a little bit..Of course Asada always trust his teams and that's make them comes to him.. In the end all new members recovered and the new Team Medical Dragon are form! I think it is a better team since most of them are expertise different from the first team plus they also got a digestive surgeon and three cardiology surgeon.. Must say this is a perfect team!

Their last episode was the best where they need to do a heart and liver transplant on a 9 years old boy.. Interesting since both transplant are being done simultaneously.. Hoho.. Even I first time know that there are also transplant where you did not remove the old heart, but you add another heart as the support.. Means here you got two hearts! I must say this is a very interesting series.. Plus the plots makes you want more! Hope there will be third season! -adios-

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I Wonder?

Do you ever wonder if what are you doing now is right? I mean here, if you already have job, do you like you job? Is it conformable job to you? If you are university student, did the course you take now is suitable to you? Do you have some interest in it? If you already parents, did your child get everything they need to survive this world or are you a good father or mother?

If I am going to list it there many things for us to wonder... Huhu.. For me, after finish my degree in Maths, I continue my master also in Maths.. Actually my dream is to take a course in engineering but what I get is Maths.. Who are to blame? No one except my own self... If I study little harder, everything will goes smoothly.. But, thinks again... Maths is everything, even engineers needs Maths...

Also there are engineers who does not has degree in engineering but Maths such as QC engineer.. Am I right? So what so sad? Even you did not get what you dream about, just stay to what you already get now.. And of course do your best! What actually am I babbling about? Haha.. It actually because of stress from lots of works and tests!

Huhu.. Master in Maths actually tougher than degree in Maths.. You need to study harder to keep yourself on top of you game! Hehe.. I didn't mean to scare any of you.. But this is reality for me now.. Everyday you will get new homeworks from lecturers even the past one you didn't even touch yet.. Everyday needs to study or else you will be drift away from the class.. Haha..

Am I sound weird? Even someday, I cannot sleep thinks about this.. Test! This is everything about marks! Lately my marks isn't so good that's make me so sad.. But thanks to all of this understanding lecturers, there will be a makeup test.. Huhu.. Even so, it is so sad! I think I should stop now, or you will find it bored reading it.. Haha..

For all muslims, use this Ramadhan month to get blessing from ALLAH.. Anyway fasting is a good way to keep your health better! But don't eat too much during break! Haha.. -adios-

Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Ramadhan....

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May we all get blessed from Allah this Ramadhan....