Sunday, September 30, 2012


What I really like about working out at gym is nobody know you.. haha.. It's been 15 days non stop I've been here... 1 hour and half per session... Going to do it again after this... Really recommended for newbies... Good facility and friendly instructor... Rm4 if walkin... Come at Bodytech Fitness Cheng...

Can help reduce stress plus healthy... cuci mata? Not by a chance... semua laki je yg dtg.. haha..

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Mumbling or Madness?


23rd August 2012, was they day I had an accident.. Since that day, I've been borrowing my mother's car because I work at Melaka.. A month already passed and there still no sign of my car at all.. They promised me last week but then they make a promise again this week... Huhu... Insurance company, workshops... they never know how important that car for me.. It was never just some kind of a vehicle... It is something that really precious for me..

My life without my BLM was never that stable... Lots and lots of things occured.. Thus it just some silly problems but can you imagine a life without something precious support you? Ok I know it was just some kind of typical vehicle but somehow I feel some connection between us (opss, looks like I am becoming a mad person already.. huhu)... Friends? Yes I have lots of them.. I do share most of it with my friends.. But sharing only make me relief, it never make me comfort.. I will still thinking about the same things over and over again..

There was a time when I had this weird feeling about this person.. Yes it is what you are thinking right now, like want to know about this person more.. Hahaha.. It is not the first time.. Many and many time already.. And I face it with a full heart eventhough I was rejected again and again (Okay now I am exagerating this too much.. Haha).. Hahaha.. So sad but true... People do judge your physical looks! This is FACT! But, I don't care about it at all... Because after I cleaned up my BLM and looking at how shining it is, suddenly all the frustrated feeling gone.. Sleep and when I woke up, BOOM!! I was a new person again...

That's was one of the experience.. There was also when I had a problems with all this senior.. One party want it to be like this, another one want it like that.. So I am stucked at the middle.. So what I did do, I traveled all around Melaka for more than one hour without stop while thinking about what to do, until suddenly there is a super beauty BLM on my left.. Aha, got an idea to make my BLM more beauty... So I simply when to an accessories shops and installed the same things.. Again, looking at it my mind coming back at ease.. After maghrib, I can settle all the problems and yes they are all agree!

It might looks silly to some of you.. But the point is, I need that extra strength.. When I woke up everyday, looking at my supershining BLM will make my mind at ease.. It gives me strength.. It make my life comfortable... Huhu.. I was somethings like having a left hand man right besides you all the time... Huhu... The same things happen to me again.. Too much things to handle, many things are inside my head.. But again trying to look as cool as I can everyday.. Hahaha.. Remember fake smile and true smile, they are never different...

Sometimes men treats their cars more than their wife, or for single person like me, it is my wife.. Hahaha... But it depends on how you looks into them.. For me maybe because all I ever have at Melaka was my BLM only, so that's why it is about me and my BLM... Huhu...

Sorry for this boring "luahan hati"... Hopefully next week my BLM will be back... Somehow I think this car can really distract me with all the problems I had in this world..haha... Thats why I need it!
~needs that self esteem again~

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

2 weeks....


Sometimes sharing some silly problem with your friends was such a relief! Life must go on! Let's make today a better day and let's become a better man.... Today's theme song: Betterman by Robbie Williams... Hoho

It's been 2 weeks since I post this status at my FB.. Yes, this was just some kind of simple words to all of you, but deeply it makes my life really changed... Something like a turning point for me.. Huhu.. But thanks to all supportive friends: they really makes this change up easier and smoother.. Hahaha... Who didn't know about this just wait, wait for some kind of miracle!

Hahaha... Sharing is caring... That's what people always said.. TRUE for me.. I really needs to share my problem to somebody.. I really cannot stand keeping it to myself only.. It will only make my life more miserable.. Huhu.. Sometimes it was just some kind of silly problem but trust me, try to talk to somebody you trust, and there will be a super relief! Yes, you out there!

The first thing that my friends advice me at that time was to change my physical looks.. People say, it was never the physical that matters, it is your heart.. Dushh!! I never believe this words.. If man prefer a good looking woman, than woman also prefer the same.. We are human after all.. We always believe our eyes rather than our heart at first.. Ok I say at first, because first look is really important.. Then it will goes deeply down to your heart.. Ok now I speak through my heart and this is really not me.. Hahahahaha...  

14 days without carbohydrate.. Carbohydrate doesn't means rice only, it is also includes mee, kuew tiaw, laksa, bread, spaghetti, and also all kind of fruits! Hahaha.. So what's left for me to eat? Huhu.. It really looks so extreme like an extreme diet for some of you.. But remember this phrase: NO PAIN NO GAIN!... It's not like you cannot eat at all, try to choose other kind of foods, full of protein type like fish, crabs, chicken, meat, vegetables and many more laa... It all depends on how your determination is.. And trust me, support from friends really matter here.. Huhu...
2 weeks and now I can wear most of my old shirts... My weight already reduced up to 8kg.. But the main things here is my body get smaller (I think laa...Hahaha)... Alhamdulillah... Plus I went to gym since 19th sept until last night.. everyday... without missed.. 1 hour and a half every session... Huhu.. Reducing a weight was never an easy things.. I really promised myself after this no more unhealthy foods, no more junks foods, no more sleeping at the evening, no more carbonate drinks, and of course less carbo laa... huhu... This experience really difficult...
Everything we do must have a reason right.. And my reason is............ Hahaha.. I will tell later on.. So slow... Playing "tarik tali" all the time... Something must be done.. Maybe people easy get shy because of something like this.. Or maybe people do not really like it.. Or maybe people love it but they want to test how far you are going for it.. Or maybe they got confuse and shock.. Whatever it is, I will keep on trying and trying... May ALLAH help me with this.. Huhu...
Everything I do, I do it for you...
Song by Bryan Adams.. Does it has nothing for me? Not gonna tell.. Hahahaha..
p/s: Make sure you have a plastics bag around because you might vomit after reading all of this.. Hahahaha..
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shahanshah - Dejavu

This song dedicated to all people who love to play with other people feeling...
Ter"emotional" plak... Haha..
Btw this is really a good song....
Try to enjoy the lyrics and the music arrangement...

Shahanshah - Dejavu

Kau muncul di depan pintu
Tika aku mula melupakanmu
Ini bukanlah pertama
Seperti dejavu kau pun tahu

Tanpa ada penjelasan
Kau datang dan pergi
Aku cuma mainan
Cinta ku bukan palsu
Tak seperti cintamu

Tuhan tolong jauhkan diriku
Dari si dia kerna ku tak mampu
Menahan dari mencintai dirinya
Kerna cintamu tak mungkin ku miliki

Kau pergi sekali lagi
Tika aku mulai mengharapkanmu
Cintaku bukan palsu
Tak seperti cintamu

Tuhan tolong jauhkan diriku
Dari si dia kerna ku tak mampu
Menahan dari mencintai dirinya
Kerna cintamu tak mungkin ku miliki


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Anti Gravity


Today just want to post this very powerful song by Faizal Tahir... Anti Gravity.. Quiet a beatiful lyrics plus so hard to memorize! Too much lenggok2 and arrangement.. But I really like it!


Saat graviti lepaskan ku pergi

Meninggalkan semua terbang ku tinggi
Ku mula semua baru

Bebas berlalu
Waktu takkan menunggu
Walau jauh ku tetap milikmu

*Mahuku satu
Mahu kau senyum selalu
Memikirkan diriku yg memikirkanmu selalu
Anti Graviti aku, graviti aku kamu
Saat graviti lepaskan ku pergi
Meninggalkan semua terbangku tinggi
Ku mula semua baru
Biarkan bulan bersandarkan bahu

Bintang berlegar di kiri kanan aku
Tetap pulang ku padamu
Jgn bimbang
Waktuku tamat disini
Dan bermula episod baruku

Ulang *

Berdegup laju
Menunggu saat bersatu
Nantikan aku
Kembali ke pangkuanmu
Dptkah kamu?
Menerima aku
Mampukah waktu mengubati segala pilu yg lalu…

Aku pulang
Aku pulang padamu
Kembali padamu

Biarkan bulan bersandarkan bahu
Bintang berlegar di kiri kanan aku
Tetap pulang ku padamu

Want to hear it? Click here

Last week of teaching!!!! YAHOOOOO!!!!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What if??


Do you ever had this "What If" feeling? When you wanted to try something but at the same time you are also thinking about all the consequences... Huhu.. This is really hard to adapt.. Almost two night I cannot sleep properly...

What If?

What If?

What If?

Please ALLAH help me... Huhu.. Hope that my choice is right! May ALLAH bless us all...

~mode jiwang karat~ HAHAHHAHAA

Wednesday, September 05, 2012




They are all the same..

International or local...

When the payment time, they will keep on asking, always must on time...

But when we want to claim, everything was late... Slow...

What is this behavior?


That is insurance.. For REAL!