Monday, December 03, 2007


I been a very long time before I log in to my blog.. kind a busy la.. I also have got my PSM resullt.. A-.. huhu.. I tought I might get A but it is still ok la.. haha.. anyway just to inform who are interested la.. I already apply for my master and the pandaftaran will be on 11 december.. I take Master of Science Mathematics.. Huh.. I think I will study harder to get a better better result for my master than my degree.. Pray me.. thanks.......

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Yesterday, at 9.25 a.m. I am presenting my PSM.. The chairmain is Dr Sharidan Shafie and my internal examiner Mr Ismail Kamis... For the beginning it is all ok since everthing goes as planned.. Thanks god.. However at the Q&A session.. He ask me about something that I do not know.. haha.. what i do is i just answer.. make the question goes around and around... actually it is a tactics... better you say something than keep quiet.. anyway the result still do not know.. i hope i get a good result.. actually at the final project, lecturer always this opportunity to pressure students with their killer question.. haha... but if we are well prepared it ok la.. if not just say anything until time up.. haha.. -adios-

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mode PSM...

Salam.. Raya dh lepas dh lebih seminggu dh.. Skrg ni dh takde mood nk raya lagi pasal mggu dpn kna present psm.. takut giler ah.. hehe.. hrp2 okla ek.. doa2kanlah.. amin...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya!

Pengumuman!! Hari Raya Aidilfitri jatuh pada 13 hb Oktober 2007... Maka dengan ini diucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin kepada semua orang yang mengenali diri ini... Semoga Hari Raya ini membawa makna yang mendalam dalam diri korang... Lagu Raya ni khas untuk korang!!

Nk tgk lagi layankan la kt youtube ecspecially yg dok kt perantauan la.. hehe..

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Prison Break Season 3

I have seen this tv series since season 1 and then season 2 and now season 3.. Guess what? This series makes me think that we need to think properly or deeply like micheal scoffield, he is not only thinking the way to break the prison but also how to survive after it... However man only plan, only god can make sure of it... Hehe.. About season 3 what can I say, there are still nothing unordinary from micheal scoffield since he just enter prison in panama... haha.. Prison in panama lots of terrible than in us ( in real world i don't know la...don't want to get inside! ). Maybe after few episode we can see how a genius plan his break again.. If you want to download it you can go to here for the fastest update or here a little bit late for 2 or 3 day only.. Anyway hope you will enjoy the series... hehe.. -adios-

Monday, October 01, 2007

First Day of October...

Today is 1st October.. Guess what? Hari Raya is coming soon! Well, what can I say? Just like last past 21 years la.. Same routine every Hari Raya.. Haha.. But that's not the main point here.. This Hari Raya seems the busy one for me.. I need to pass up my PSM after raya.. Around 15-19 October.. Huh.. there go another new jobs for me during Hari Raya which is study.. Final exam also coming around after Raya.. Huhu.. Actually I do not care at all since on Hari Raya children are the one who happy the most! hehe.. I am not children anymore.. Maybe I need to start to try the new way of celebrating Hari Raya.. Anyway.. Wishing you all - Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir BAtin...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak!

Selamat menyambut ibadah puasa.. Semoga bulan puasa ini dijadikan satu medan latihan untuk kita mengawal nafsu makan, nafsu jahat, nafsu hisap rokok dan sebagainya.. Apa yang penting kita perlulah perbanyakkan amal ibadah dan buatlah dengan hati yang ikhlas...

Monday, September 03, 2007

Game yg ditunggu-tunggu...

Need For Speed Pro Street... Haha.. Dh lame aku ikut perkembangan nfs ni.. sejak dari game porsche unleashed lagi.. bagi aku ni la game lumbe kereta yang paling best.. Aku tgk kt website ea keluar november.. Lame lagi.. huhu.. tangan dh ketaq ni... dok ulang nfs carbon je.. drift yg atas bukit tu mmg best.. rase mcm initial d pulak.. hehe.. kalau korang nk tgk trailer die korang click sini.. Tapi yang pastinye mesti requirement die kaw2 punye.. haha.. tapi jgn risau la sebab ea ni still consider pc2 yg dh oldskool sket mcm yg aku pnye la.. huhu.. -adios-

Monday, August 27, 2007

50 Tahun Malaysia Merdeka...

Lagi beberapa hari lagi Malaysia akan menyambut ulangtahun kemerdekaan yang ke-50.. Kalau nk kira umur manusia, 50 tahun ni dh kira matang la.. dh dekat nk pencen.. haha.. tapi Malaysia takkan pencen pnye.. Malaysia akan terus membangun.. Oleh itu kita kenalah bersatu padu tak kirala kita bangsa apa pun.. Bersatu kita teguh bercerai kita roboh (mak aih.. patriotik giler aku..haha).. Jadi sempena hari kemerdekaan yang ke-50 ini marilah kita bersama-sama nyanyikan lagu kemerdekaan (kalau nk download audio ni click sini.. sound die ok cuma format rm la..boleh convert kan...)

Tanggal 31
Bulan lapan lima puluh tujuh
Merdeka! Merdeka!
Tetaplah merdeka
Ia pasti menjadi sejarah

Tanggal 31
Bulan lapan lima puluh tujuh
Hari yang mulia
Hari bahagia
Sambut dengan jiwa yang merdeka

Mari kita seluruh warga negara
Ramai-ramai menyambut hari merdeka
Tiga satu bulan lapan lima puluh tujuh
Hari mulia negaraku merdeka

Fall Out Boy - Thanks For The Memories.....

There are many updated lyrics you can found here.. Try to visit..

Fall Out Boy Lyrics

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


This week on 21st August (yesterday la).. most my coursemates are graduates... I just want to wish you all CONGRATULATIONS!!... Hope that you will success on everything you do.. Next will be my turn.. Haha..

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My Final Project...

Just want to tell anyone who interested la.. My project title is Application of Exponential Fourier Series in Signal and Systems problem.. For those who are in electrical engineering field, it might not a new things for you all.. For me everthings looks new and complicated.. It takes me alot of time to understand.. Plus if I found any new formula, it must have been proven.. Huhu.. But I try my best la to understand it.. My supervisor, En Fauzee quiet cool.. Haha.. I think other supervisor might get mad if your progress is very slow, but he still say to me to keep on focus to what I do.. Haha.. Anyway I hope I will finish it the latest is on the 3rd week of september.. Huhu.. quiet a target but I will try my best.. Pray for me also.. thanks a lot for your support!!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Great Combination!

This is my new sound card.. Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 7.1.. Haha.. It goes very well with my Altec Lansing.. Guess what? The prizes also had goes down very much.. Last semester I check the prizes rm180.. Now the prizes just rm 106.. Hoho.. This product is manufactured in Malaysia.. that's why the prizes is quiet low.. hehe Just don't care as long as the performance is better right.. hehe

Thursday, July 26, 2007

My new speaker.. hehe

Just bought new speaker.. Before this I use altec lansing VS4121.. Now Im upgrade to VS3251.. 5.1 ma.. kaw² punye mantap bunyik die.. Trust me! Altec Langsing provide a very wonderful,powerful and awesome speaker!! Hoho.. Now I can conquer my hostel again!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Very Tiring Weekend!!

Huhu.. I Think this weekend make me crazy a little bit.. Lots of assignments! Many problems that come around.. I got a fever!! Bahu kiri terseliuh (ping pong pnye pasal la.. tapi main tangan kanan...tangan kiri yg injured)... Hua... My final degree project (in UTM we called it PSM) still not finish but my supervisor said my progress quiet slow (haha..btul la tu..) My dad got a problem... (ask him la..) Huhu... Whatever the problem are.. Everything comes from Allah.. Everything He do must have its own hikmah right!! Maybe because my ibadah still not enough or not very perfect.. Whatever it is, never forget to pray to ALLAH!! Think positive, Act Positively!! Insyallah...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Good Charlotte - The River

As I walk through the valley
of the shadow of LA
The footsteps that were next to me
have gone their separate ways
I've seen enough now
to know that beautiful things
don't always stay that way
I've done enough now
to know this beautiful place
isn't everything they say

I heard that evil comes disguised
Like a city of angels
I'm walking towards the light

Baptized in the river
I've seen a vision of my life
And I wanna be delivered
In the city was a sinner
I've done a lot of things wrong
But I swear I'm a believer
Like the prodigal son
I was out on my own
Now I'm trying to find my way back home
Baptized in the river
I'm delivered
I'm delivered

You're from a small town
You're gonna grow up fast
underneath these lights
Down in Hollywood
on the boulevard the dead come back to life
To the praying Mother
And the worried Father
Let your children go
If they come back
They'll come home stronger
And if they don't you'll know

They say that evil comes disguised
Like a city of angels
I'm walking towards the light

Baptized in the river
I've seen a vision of my life
And I wanna be delivered
In the city was a sinner
I've done a lot of things wrong
But I swear I'm a believer
Like the prodigal son
I was out on my own
Now I'm trying to find my way back home
Baptized in the river
I'm delivered
I'm delivered

Baptized in the river (on my own)
Baptized in the river (on my own)
I wanna be delivered
(on my own, on my own)
Baptized in the river (on my own)
I wanna be delivered
Baptized in the river (on my own)
I wanna be delivered
Baptized in the river (on my own)
I wanna be delivered
I confess I'm a sinner
I've seen a vision of my life
And I wanna be delivered!

New Semester!

Hello!! New semester at UTM.. Not so good, because I'm already extend.. Haha... But I think this will be the most relaxing semester for me.. With a least of credit hours.. Class only started at 9 a.m and end before 12 and only until thursday.. Haha.. What a WONDERFUL semester!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Chemical Romance - I Don't Love You

Well, when you go
Don't ever think I'll make you try to stay
And maybe when you get back
I'll be off to find another way
And after all this time that you still owe
You're still the good-for-nothing I don't know
So take your gloves and get out
Better get out
While you can
When you go
Would you even turn to say
"I don't love you
Like I did
Sometimes I cry so hard from pleading
So sick and tired of all the needless beating
But baby when they knock you
Down and out
It's where you oughta stay
And after all the blood that you still owe
Another dollar's just another blow
So fix your eyes and get up
Better get up
While you can
Whoa, whooa
When you go
Would you even turn to say
"I don't love you
Like I did
Well come on, come on
When you go
Would you have the guts to say
"I don't love you
Like I loved you
I don't love you
Like I loved you
I don't love you
Like I loved you

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

AET 792...

This is my Honda EX5. Bought on 13 March 2003.. Now it is already 4 years ++ old.. Hehe.. at that time this motorcycle quiet expensive. My father bought it forr me for RM4600 but yet the prize get lower with new model called Honda EX5 Dream.. Price now just RM3700. Huh.. but I think it's worth.. Hehe

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tips untuk mengatasi masalah lupa!

Di ambil dari buku yang adik aku tengah baca. Tajuk buku tu Motivasi Alihan Pelajar, author die Dr. Tengku Asmadi.. HEhe.. Dulu aku ade gak join MAP training ni.. Ok gak.. Jadik makin bersemangat la.. But just temporary.. hehe.. Now, I'm back to normal.. Itukan sifat semulajadi insan.. Kena selalu diperingati.. Hehe.. Ni la tips die....

1. Jangan suka bertangguh dalam membuat perkerjaan
2. Cuba fahamkan apa yang sedang dibaca/dipelajari.
3. Hafal kata kunci.
4. Pecahkan apa yg perlu ingat kpd kump² kecil.
5. Selalu buat flashback.
6. Elak tidur lepas ASAR.
7. Ajarkan ilmu yg kita ada kpd org lain.
8. Jaga tabiat pemakanan.
9. Banyakkan berdoa disamping membuat amal ibadah.
10.Jangan tinggalkan solat.

Hope it will give you some benefits..

Nice, Healthy and Good Foods..

This is made by my family.. Hehe.. Look delicious right? Actually the food that are cook not using oil are lots of better than the one is.. Just give my advise.. Sometimes I also like fried foods.. Hehe..

Sunday, June 17, 2007

My PC... Hehe.. The processor is quiet old skool.. haha... Don't have extra money to upgrade la... However this is okla... Here my PC properties... What do you think??...
Processor : Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz
M/board : Albatron PX865 Lite Pro
Ram : 1024 MB
Hardisk : 1. Maxtor 80 GB
2. Maxtor 40 GB
VGA : Ati Radeon 9600 Series 256 MB
OS : Windows XP Service Pack 2
Others : 1. DVD-RW Imation
4. Cooler Master Gear System
5. Altec Lansing VS4121 2.1


This is my batch at UTM Skudai... Bachelor of Science (Industrial Mathematic)... Most of us had finished their study... Only some left.. hehe.. However hope that u all success wherever u are...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

This is one of my favourite tv show... hehe.. quiet funny drama... if you want to watch it, just go to youtube and type emil emilda... enjoy the show.. with english subtitle... hehe

Friday, June 15, 2007

Believe it or not...

My pet is taking it's own picture... Don't believe it? No camera trick or CGI here... Just a rare and ordinary digital camera..Hehe.. Believe it or not..
This is la.. Claire from heroes series.. hehe

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Favourite TV Series... Heroes

I started to watch this series last 2 month where I get a copy from my fren.. It's a good one.. Maybe if you still not watch it you might try... You can download it from megaupload or rapidshare.. Trust me, it's worth to watch it.. hehe.. sweet huh.. claire

Pink - Who Knew

You took my hand
You showed me how
You promised me you'd be around
Uh huh That's right
I took your words
And I believed
In everything
You said to me
Yeah huh
That's right
If someone said three years from now
You'd be long gone
I'd stand up and punch them out
Cause they're all wrong
I know better
Cause you said forever
And ever
Who knew
Remember when we were such fools
And so convinced and just too cool
Oh no
No no
I wish I could touch you again
I wish I could still call you friend
I'd give anything
When someone said count your blessings now'fore they're long gone
I guess I just didn't know howI was all wrong
They knew better
Still you said forever
And ever
Who knew
Yeah yeah
I'll keep you locked in my head
Until we meet again
Until we
Until we meet again
And I won't forget you my friend
What happened
If someone said three years from now
You'd be long gone
I'd stand up and punch them out
Cause they're all wrong and
That last kiss
I'll cherish
Until we meet again
And time makes
It harder I wish I could remember
But I keep
Your memory
You visit me in my sleep
My darling
Who knew
My darling My darling
Who knew
My darling
I miss you My darling
Who knew Who knew


First time publishing my blog...