Monday, October 27, 2008

Tanjung Piai

It's been a while I've updated this blog.. It is kind a busy plus I've ran out of idea of what to upload.. No activity, no new japan series, so no new updates... Last Sunday, me and my friends went to our friends open house at Kukup..

First I thought we just went there by bike, but lucky we managed to get car (my friend's friend lend us..thanks).. It is a long journey around one and a half hour.. we arrived at her house around 2.30 pm, eat (it was a delicious foods, thanks to Ummu and her family) there, chit chat and then we went back..

Here the plan goes... We went to Tanjung Piai which said as the most southern in Asia Mainland.. It was first time for all of us.. The entry fee only RM3 for student, RM5 for adults, but we pay only RM3 la (haha.. it was nice to be students, we get discount everywhere)..

What were here? Just a very nice mangrove canopy that can make you feel very calm.. Of course there are other living such as monkeys, amphibian fish (belacak right it name?), and many more.. The canopy walk was very nice and it make you feel like at the forest of mangroves.. haha.. I like this kind of feelings...

Because it was almost swamp, so the sea water was not really nice and clear, but you can still feel the sea breeze.. All I can said about this place was, nice and relaxing.. Walking here took around 1-2 hour.. Depends on how fast you can walk, but to enjoy it, just walk slowly.. hehe.. that's all from me this time..